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GlowBrain Facebook

GlowBrain TV recommends: GlowLab - New Research Facility in Croatia

On March 31st 2016, GlowBrain project officially ended. During three and a half years, how long Glowbrain project lasted, a lot has been accomplished.

The main result of the GlowBrain is establishing the most modern equipment for imaging the brain of living mice , preclinical scanner for optical imaging Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum and device for magnetic resonance force field 7 Tesla Bruker BioSpec 70/20 USR , which are located in the new lab renewed by own resources in Laboratory for regenerative neuroscience -GlowLab.

In the project, along with researchers from Croatia participated famous scientists from seven countries from the European Union ( Austria, Czech Republic , Italy, Hungary , Germany, Portugal and Sweden ).

In addition to advancing scientific research at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, one of the main tasks of the project was the training of our scientists in the specific experimental methods, which they gained in the study visits in partner institutions . Through this project, for nearly three years, 11 scientists and experts , of which 4 research scientists have been employed.

Although the project officially ended GlowBrain continues to operate through generated GlowBrain platform. GlowBrain team would like to thank everyone who has followed us and supported us in our work all this time.

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Latest News

GlowBrain project coordinator recently particepated at a TEDx event organized in Osijek with a talk "Why our brains glow?". The video footage of his presentation is now available on our GlowBrain TV page and on our Facebook thread.


IPR workshop; 21.-22.12.2015.

How can research results create value and benefit scientists? Practical
issues of commercialization and protection of IP

Within the frame of EU FP7 Glowbrain project we are organizing an IPR workshop on 21.-22.December 2015.

at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, lecture room ground floor.

Workshop is free of charge and you can submit your application by 17 December 2015 on following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Within the EU FP7 GlowBrain project, 7. Work package - Ex-post Evaluation of UniZAG research potential, it is envisaged the engagement of Evaluators by the European Commission. Evaluators will visit Zagreb twice, the first time in order to gain insight into the activities that were going on in the project, and the second time to present their report.


Within the EU FP7 GlowBrain project a Regional Meeting on Optical Imaging will be held on November 5 2015 at University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Department for Histology and Embriology. Within the frame of GlowBrain project IVIS Spectrum was acquired and the idea of the meeting is bringing together users of IVIS or similar devices in vicinity in order to excange knowledge and experience in bioluminescence and fluorescence in vivo imaging.


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